Our family estate is located in Chouilly, village classified “Grand Cru” in the Côte des Blancs.
Several generations of Coquillette family and especially my father helped and gave me the desire to be.....WINE GROWER.
Being wine grower, it is to work the land, the vineyard, to do harvest and pressing, to vinify and sell this great wine that is the CHAMPAGNE.

More than the love of our work, it is the passion which drives us.

My Grand-Mother was the first winemaker to champagnize in the village, and my father is still active.

Our children are the fifth generation : Diane and Louis.

Owner of some vineyards from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, the majority of my wine comes from vineyards in Chouilly (“Grand Cru”) and Cuis (99% “Premier Cru”) for the Chardonnay, and, Aÿ (“Grand Cru”) and Mareuil /Aÿ (99% “Premier Cru”) for the Pinot-Noir.

The vines grow on 30 centimeters of topsoil and rest directly on bedrock, chalk that acts as a giant sponge, absorbing water during rains and returning in drought periods.

A part of the vineyard is plowed, and the other is covered with bark to curb erosion.

There are four presses, including a traditional one, which crush the grapes.

Grape juice is stored in stainless steel tanks.
“Le Chemin d’Avize”, “Les Clés”, “Les Carelles”, “La Mutry”, “Les Sorsous”, “La Pouplot” and others more, so more than 10 different plots are used for the Champagne making in Coquillette House.
Our terroir particularity is to give expression to the fruit aromas and fineness to our several Champagnes.